A couple of opinions on the presidential election

Here are three main opinions that I could perceive here in Czech republic on the current USA Presindential election.

The non-voters

This view is defended by a leftist magazine Literární noviny (Literary gazette) and states that while USA citizens are bombarded with interviews, polls, analyses and other media ways to bring the candidates and their views as close as possible, there will be a group of people who will not go vote.

While both candidates offer many opinions on various subjects, it’s hard to say in which areas they really differ and noone can say what they are going to do with the current (global) economy situation.

Personally I take this stance often too when there are elections going on in our country and many people act like it’s going to be the ultimate choice between the good and the evil.

I have seen only one full TV debate of the two candidates and I can partially see the argumentation of Petr Jedlička in it. I also think that USA citizens will want a change and I think this video is nice and hilarious 🙂

The ultimate decision

Most media here in my country establish an image where the arguments the candidates present really matter to everyone. Philadelphia was presented by the Czech television as the city where the voters decide absolutely by conscious decision based only on the real and worthy arguments and not on shallow impressions.

Personally I find it really hard to choose between two candidates if they differ in rather marginal areas or areas which I do not understand. It’s mostly because in last years I grew up from the stance “you have to have your own opinion on every topic out there”.

The hypocritical nation

This view is really fresh (was presented to me yesterday) and I cannot say how wide-spread it is (I’ve heard it so far only from one person).
It was our lecturer who stated that he knows some USA citizens and that by knowing them he can judge the whole nation and say that the majority is hypocritical and while many of them stated in the polls that they are going to vote for Obama, they will, in the end, vote for McCain.

I can’t really say if this should happen because of racial views, some hypocritical stance towards “the change” movement, or anything else, but the biggest candidate here as I understood it is the hidden racism.

I don’t give this view many chances to “win” though, I have no reasons think USA citizens would act like that.

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    and what will happen to the poor joe the plumber now? 🙁

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