Brutal Assault 14

Josefov, 6.-8.8.2009

Mithras – outstanding

Very good:
Suffocation – too many songs from the new album, which isn’t that great
Anaal Nathrakh – great drummer

Orphaned Land, Biohazard, Pestilence, Brujeria, The Faceless, Misery Index, Marduk

Expected more:
Psycroptic, Negura Bunget, Beneath The Massacre, Ulver, Evile, Hate Eternal, Skepticism, Opeth

Turisas, Vomitory, Vreid, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Walls of Jericho

Carnifex, Rotting Christ, Sadus, Pain, Gadget, Testament, Eternal Deformity

No impression:
War From A Harlots Mouth, Darkane, Novembers Doom, Ghost Brigade, Raunchy, Atrox, Casketgarden

Didn’t attend:
Flowers For Whores, The Lucifer Principle, Madball, Cynic, Action, Forgotten Silence, Obscura, Depresy, Grave, Atheist, Evergreen Terrace, Black Bomb A, FDK, Agathodaimon, Gama Bomb, Ashes You Leave, The Red Chord, Cripple Bastards, Ador Dorath

Random notes:
Respect to Walls Of Jericho fans and their stamina
Hate Eternal still rulez
Good weather
Freezing air in the morning

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  1. n says:

    Brujeria only ‘good’? That sucks. I guess I got frozen in year 2000 – poorly expect them being top-notch…

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